Response to 'Gunga Dunne'
By: mog

Disclaimer: Sarah B. is responsible for the inspiration of this piece. Her poem can be found at the JD Dunne fanfic site.  As far as the characters mentioned, didn't create them, just borrowing them, no suing, please.
Author's notes: This is in reponse to 'Gunga Dunne' by SARAHB1@IX.NETCOM.COM.  If you haven't read it yet, go now and do so!  It's brilliant and will make this piece make more sense. There just isn't enough h/c for Ezra.  I'm jus' sayin'....


Allow me to say first
What a truly righteous burst
Of creative talent I have seen displayed.
Your parody in prose,
As narrated by Jos'
Brought a smile to my lips that's yet to fade.
I'm sure it's safe to say
That Mr. Rudyard K.
Would not have been offended or alarmed
Of your tribute to JD
And the fans unceasing need
To read the way he's beaten on and harmed.
And when it's comfort that we're cravin'
No one's suited more for savin'
Then our favorite little mooncalf from the East.
Though perhaps some aid he'd lend
To assist a troubled friend
(If, from the fanfic's grasp he ever is released.)
If the Fiction Gods could see
To bestowin' unto me
More h/c for a certain southern gent.
'Cuz I love to see the six
Rally 'round our cad of tricks
When the luck tucked up his sleeve is all but spent.
Perhaps this is the gauntlet
That I throw at you to taunt, yet
It's a challenge that I'd gladly see you win.
At stake is Ezra's hide
And to his rescue surely ride
Josiah, JD, Buck, Chris, Nate & Vin.