Matters of the Heart
By: Cassie Smith


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Now, on with the smarm, I mean story.

Sometimes, itís hard to tell a person what they mean to us, until itís too late. Will the Seven
make the same mistake when one of their own is at risk? Or will they all learn a lesson in matters
of the heart?
The glowing orange sun was just about to kiss the horizon as two very trail weary men decided to
make camp. "I donít ever remember being this tired," Buck Willmington said wearily, slumping
to the ground near the small fire his friend had just started. Well, except maybe for when I got a
hold of these two twins up in Shilock." A wide smile spread across his handsome face. "The
Kanley sisters, I believe they were called."

"Buck," the slow exhale of the other man cut the reminiscing gunslingerís monologue short. "Iíve
heard that story about as many times as J.D. has." Chris Larabee gave his friend a slow smile as
he dropped his saddle bags and bedding on the other side of the fire.

" Not only have you told it at least 50 times over the countless years Iíve known you, but the kid
has retold it , in all his awe inspiring, hero worshiping, glory. And besides," Chris added, leaning
back on his bedroll and pulling his black hat further down over his eyes, "I was there.

"I canít say thatís one of things I recall about that night, Pard, " Buck chuckled and set the coffee
pot he had filled with water from his canteen over the dancing flames.

Larabee snorted a short reply, too tired to answer and hoping his friend would decide to keep it
quiet himself. No such luck of course. Buck had talked the whole four day ride, nonstop. * I
knew I should have brought Vin.*

"Wonder if the kid talked Vinís ear off all the way to Eagle Bend, yesterday?" Buck asked, his
blue eyes locking on Larabee, as if he had read his friendís silent thoughts.

Chris had to smile at the suggestion, though. Why shouldnít the bounty hunter have to suffer too.
And if anyone could talk as much as Willmington, it was his young protege`, J.D. Dunne.

"Probably," the man in black finally answered. "That is unless Vin gagged him."

"Hell, Vin was probably glad for the company after riding with you all the time. At least the kid
is a lively conversationlist." Buck grabbed the kettle and poured him a cup of coffee. "Unlike
someone I know."

Chris raised his hat a smidge and cast a glance in Willmingtonís direction, " You know , Buck , if
I didnít know better, Iíd think you miss J.D?"

"Miss him?!" the younger man looked appalled at the thought. "Are you kiddin, I was glad to get
away. Damn kidís practically been my shadow for the last year. It was a good thing plans worked
out like they did. Why I might have strangled our fair sheriff on this trip, if heíd been well
enough to come along."

Chris fought hard to control the laugh that wanted to burst loose at his oldest friendís out right
lie. Buck Willmington not only liked the youngest of the Seven, he had appointed himself,
whether consciously or not, the kidís older, somewhat overprotective, brother.

In all the years Larabee had known his friend , he had never seen him take to anyone as quick as
Buck had to J.D. Although all the other five looked out for the ever exuberant youth, and even
Larabee , himself, had to admit he cared a hell of a lot more than he wanted to say about the kid;
it was Willmington that went the extra mile to make sure the boy stayed out of trouble. Always
giving the kid advice, whether asked for or not, on women, or guns, or horses, or women,
whiskey and guns. Chris smiled to himself At times,though, Chris wondered who needed who

"What are you smirking at?"Buck asked , sharply, tossing what was left of his coffee in the fire,
causing it to hiss and crackle in the otherwise quite night.

"Nothin," Chris pulled his hat back down. " You know , the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner
we can get up and ride onto Four Corners."

"Yeah? Who says Iím in any hurry?" Willmington asked, gruffly.

Larabee yawned, "Oh, I just figured you might want to get back and make sure the kid is still in
one piece."

"Hmmph," Buck finally laid down and settled in for the night. " He better be in one piece after I
rode all the way to Langston with you to transfer those prisoners just because he had some case
of the sniffles."

Chris wanted to remind his friend that it had been his idea for the kid to stay in town and rest,
letting Chris make the long ride to Langston with him instead. At first, Larabee had protested,
mostly because he knew he and Vin were suppose to pick up another prisoner in Eagle Bend later
that week. And with the price still on his bounty hunter friend , he didnít like to let him too far
out of his sight.

Besides, at the time, Larabee had thought his friend was overreacting to JDís little old cold. But,
after the draining effect the trip had taken on the two , healthy, more experienced gunmen, Chris
had to admit Buck had done the right thing. After all, what kind of trouble could the two
youngest members of the Seven get into in such a short time.

As all the unlikely scenarios played through his head , and worry began plaguing his thoughts,
Larabee groaned and rolled over away from the fire, pulling his blanket tighter around him.
*God, Iím starting to get as bad as Buck*

********Back in Four Corners***********

"I must proclaim, Mr. Dunn, that you are looking rather peevish this fine morning."Ezra Standish
drawled, casting a quick glance in his young friendís direction, across the card table from him.

"Huh?" J.D. mumbled, taking off his hat and wiping at his damp forhead.

"He means you look sick, son." Josiah explained , not taking his own eyes from the hand of cards
he was holding. The big man was bound and determined to beat the gambler at this damn game if
it was the last thing he did.

"Iím O.k, " the kid answered . " Just tired out from the trip I guess."

"Vin over getting the prisoner settled in?"Mr. Sanchez asked, glaring at Ezra as the gambler
tapped his fingers on the table, looking like the fox that was just handed the key to the chicken

"Yep," came the short reply.

"So I take it that the outing was as successful and fortuitous as Mr. Larabee had surmised?"

"I guess," JD answered, not even caring what Ezra had just asked. His head was hurting too bad
to even bother. "Speaking of Chris, shouldnít he and Buck be getting back soon?" Something in
the kidís miserable, yet  hopeful, tone made Josiah look up.

"They should be back tomorrow or day after. Are you sure your feelin alright, son?"

JD tried to take a deep breath but ended up having a slight coughing fit instead. "Iím fine," he
choked. " Just that stupid cold coming back."

Ezra put his hand down and cast an uncharacteristic worried glance at Josiah.He wasnít one to
play the mother hen like he sometimes observered Mr. Willmington doing, but the kid had
seemed to procure a rather secure soft spot in his usual armored heart. " I say, maybe we should
procure the services of our resident general practitioner, Brother Sanchez?"

"If you just asked Josiah to get Nathan, you can just forget it!" JD made to stand up from the
table, but unfortunately , the Earth seemed to decide to tilt unmercilessly at that very moment.
The young sheriff swayed and would have fell if the large preacher hadnít caught him before he
hit the ground.


"Ok, so maybe Nathan wouldnít be such a bad idea," the boy murmured , before giving in to the
welcoming darkness pulling at him so fiercely.

******Nathanís clinic********

"How is he?" Vin asked, pacing the floor of the small, makeshift waiting room.

Nathan sighed and pulled the door closed behind him. " You say there was some kind of
Influenza epidemic in Eagleís Bend?"

The bounty hunter nodded, "Yeah, the sheriff mentioned something about it. Said he had even
been sick for a while, but we were there only long enough to get that prisoner ,Yeates. Then me
and the kid were out of there."

"You donít think young, JD, has Influenza do you, Brother Nate?" Josiah asked, a little more
than worried now.

"Iím not sure but itís beginning to look that way," the kind-hearted doctor appeared almost as if
he blamed himself. " If his body was already weak from fightin off that cold he had last week, he
could have been more susceptible to the virus."

"Damn it, " Vin cursed. " I knew I should have made him stay here."

Josiah stepped closer and placed a hand on his friendís shoulder before speaking, "But the boy is
going to be alright, isnít he? I mean heís young and strong."

Nathan exhaled , heavily, " His fever is high, and getting hotter. I canít get him to keep any water
or food down." The dark man shook his head, " I just donít know."

All three men turned as a pleading cry came from the room where JD was resting. Vin was
through the door in seconds, with Josiah and Nathan right on his heels.

The bounty hunter was shocked at how pale and fragile his young friend looked. It didnít seem
possible that only the day before the two had been laughing as JD recounted some crazy tale
Buck had convinced him of.

"JD?" Vin approached the bed and placed a restraining hand on the kid, who was tossing and
turning in a fitful sleep.

"Buck?" The younger manís voice sounded strained and somehow, smaller. "Is that you , Buck?"

Vin looked up at his other friends for some kind of a wisdom they might offer. Nathan simply
moved to the water basin and retrieved a damp cloth to lay on the kidís head, while Josiah made
his way around Vin.

"JD," the giant, holy man sat on the edge of the bed. " Itís Josiah." he smiled when two glassy
hazel eyes looked up at him.

"Josiah.." the younger man , croaked, blinking against the pain that had not only increased in his
head , but had now took up residence throughout his body. "Are Buck and Chris back?"

" Not yet , son." This seemed to agitate the younger man. " But it should be anytime now."

"No," JD shook his head, vehemently. " Somethingís happened to em. We got ta go get em!" The
kid actually tried to get out of the bed, with only Josiahís strong grip stopping him.

"Nothing has happened to Chris or Buck, JD," Nathan now joined in to reasure his distraught

"Buckís in trouble , I know it," the kid insisted, between coughing bouts. Fever -glazed eyes
searched the room until they fell on Vin and he persisted even harder. "Vin! Tell em, tell em
about the bear that attacked Chris, Buck tried to save him. Vin! Help me!"

Vin shook his head and knelt down beside his struggling friend, " Buckís Ok , kid." His deep,
resonant tone seemed to calm the younger man some. " Remember he shot the bear, saved Chris
and that pretty girl he told you about. Remember what she gave him for being her hero?"

Whether JD remembered or his body had just tired out, he slowly ceased to fight Josiah and fell
back against the pillows before turning sorrowful eyes back to Vin, "Find Buck , Vin, please...",
dark eyelashes fluttered as unconsciousness tugged at the kid. "I really need him right about

"He passed out," Nathan diagnosed, running his hand over JDís forehead. " That fever is really
getting bad."

Vin pushed himself up from the floor and headed for the door like a man on a mission. " What
are you going to do, Brother Tanner?"

The bounty hunter stopped only long enough to look at JD once more, " Iím going to find Buck
and Chris if I have to ride all the way to Langston to do it."

Josiah only nodded his head in agreement, "Stop by the jail and get Ezra to go with you. Iíll stop
by and check on the prisoner."

**********At the Saloon*************

"I hate to admit it, Pard, but Iím glad to be home," Buck sighed walking into the merely deserted
saloon, rubbing at his aching backside. "I think Iím out of the swing of riding the open range."

Chris only sidled up next to the bar and took a sweeping glance around. "Where is everybody?"

"Hell, Josiahís probably got em guilted into fixing that hole in the roof of the church,"
Mischievious , blue-eyes twinkled. "At least I hope so. I sure donít want to have to do it."

Before Chris could reply Vin Tanner burst through the doors , with a definite look of bad news
on his face. " I was just fixn to ride out and get you boys."

"Whatís wrong?" Both men asked in unison, all hopes at any rest forgotten.

Vin really hated to tell Buck this. " Ití s JD. Heís sick."

"What do you mean heís Ďsickí? " Chris asked what Buck was afraid to . "Like with that cold he
had, back before we left?"

Vin shook his head, "Worse. Itís a long story, but Nathan thinks it might me Influenza." He
looked at Buck. "Heís been asking for you."

The silence in the room was shattering. Buck didnís say another word as he strode past his friend
and stormed across the street.

Damn that kid! Canít even leave for a couple of days without him getting himself in a situation,
Willmington let the fear, masquerading itself as anger, wash over him. * If anything happens to
him, Iíll never forgive myself.*

Vin turned to go after Buck, but a hand on his arm stopped him, "How about you, are you O.k?"
Chris Larabeeís face was etched with concern, "You havenít been feelin sick or anything?"

The bounty hunter shook his head, " Iím fine."

Chris didnít look convinced and even went so far as to reach out and touch the younger manís
face. "Well you donít look so good and you feel kind of warm."

Vin hid his smile. One rarely saw this side of the legendary gunslinger, except maybe with Miss
Travisís little one, Billy. "Thanks for the compliment but Iíve been up for bettern two days and I
ran all the way here when I saw your horses ride in," the younger man explained. " Besides
Nathan said J.D.ís system was weakened from the cold he had earlier. It made him an easy

Chris shook his head, trying to dislodge memories from the past that had suddenly surrounded
him, " Still, you should watch for symptoms and take it easy. Influenza is serious business."

Vin nodded, noticing the haunted look now shadowing the older manís defined features, " Iíll be
watchful, but right now Iím more worried about J.D. We better go check on him and Buck.

Chris agreed and the two made their way to Nathanís room. Hopefully, things wouldnít be as bad
as Larabee feared , but history seemed to have a terrible way of repeating

********the clinic***********

Buck had mentally kicked himself a thousand times before reaching Nathanís small makeshift
infirmary. He should have known that J.D. Dunne couldnít do anything the simple way, not even
a cold.

Josiah looked surprised to see him when he quietly entered the room where the preacher and
Nathan were watching over the feverish J.D. "Thank the heavens, " Josiah breathed softly. " Itís
about time you made it back."

Buck kept his eyes locked on his sick friend, " How is he ?"

"Heís been a lot better," Nathan sighed and got up, offering his chair at the kidís bedside "Maybe
hearing your voice will help."

Buck took the seat offered him and put a hand on the kidís shoulder. "J.D.? I thought you were
suppose to stay out of trouble while I was gone? Huh boy?"

The younger man stirred and slowly turned his head in his friends direction, "Buck? That you?"
J.D. squinted against the light in the room , disoriented,as if he couldnít quite make out his

"Yeah, itís me , kid."

"Whereíve you been......thought that bear got ya?"

The older gunslinger shot a confused and worried glance at Nathan.

"Itís the fever," the healer explained. " I canít get it to come down."

"Buck , whereís Chris?" a hot hand latched on to Wilmingtonís arm. "Did you save him? Are you
sure you two are Ok?"

"Take it easy," the older man tried to soothe."Everybodyís fine. I shot that old bear, just like the
last time."

"And the girl??"

Josiah and Nathan had to smile at the kidís insistance , which seemed to slightly embarass the
womanizing hero in question.

"Safe and Sound, kid."

"Thatís good," J.D started coughing again. " I was worried."

"Well, Iím a little more worried about you at the moment," Buck sighed, taking the glass of water
Nathan handed him and offering the kid a sip.

The young sheriff obliged only a small amount before weakly pushing it away. "My head and
throat hurt really bad," he admitted in a scratchy voice. "In fact," he swallowed painfully.
"Everything hurts."

"I know, kid"Buck rested his hand on the boyís forehead. "Just try to get some rest, O.k?"
Wilmington started to get up when he realized J.D. still had a firm grasp on his arm.

"Please, donít go , Buck. Itís dangerous out there."

"Iím just going to step right out in the hallway and talk to Nathan a minute, alright?"

Glazed hazel eyes searched his face for any sign of trouble, then J.D. reluctantly let go of the
older man. "Be careful."

Buck patted his shoulder, " I wonít be long. Josiah will stay right here."

Josiah nodded and Willmington waited until his young friendís eyes were closed before
motioning for Nathan to meet him outside.

Chris and Vin were just entering as the two men stepped from the patientís room. "How is he?"
Chris asked , anxiously.

He had never seen his oldest friend sound so tired as when he answered, "Heís bad. Burning up
and talkin out of his head."
Buck now turned to face the doctor. "Isnít there anything you can do for that fever?!"

"Iíve tried about everything," Nathan siged and rubbed at his weary eyes. "Even tried to sweat it
out of him, nothing seems to work."

"What about ice?" Chris saw a light appear behind the healerís dark eyes.

"Thatís right. You know I saw the medics use it on a soldier once. Buried him in the snow up to
his neck til his body temperature dropped."

Buck shook his head, "If ya all hadnít noticed, itís only mid-October and I donít spect will be
gettin the white stuff anytime too soon."

"But we do have an icehouse," Chris reminded. "My pa once put my little brother in an freezing
bath when he had the fever."

"That might work," Nahan sighed. " At this point , Iíll try anything. If we donít get that fever
down, he could die."

Vinís brow furrowed, "I didnít know you had a brother..."

Chris met his friendís stare, "He didnít make it." The gunslinger caught the fleeting look of
desperation that came across the other menís faces. "But J.D. will," he said , assuredly and then
turned to Vin. "Letís get Ezra to give us a hand." Turning back to the pale imitation of his friend ,
he forced a look of confidence he wasnít quite sure he felt. "Buck, you have Josiah meet us over
at the ice house behind the cafe and then give us about an hour before you bring the kid over to
the Bath house."

Buck nodded but didnít look to sure about the whole plan. "Itíll work, Buck." Chris clasped his
friendís shoulder and squeezed it. "And if not, weíll find something that does."

Wilmington couldnít remember a time since the fire that Chris had been so outspoken , even
offering personal information that Buck hadnít even known about.It made him wonder if the
gunslinger didnít think as much of the kid as he, himself, did. And it made him hopeful. If their
little make-shift family of Seven could help heal Chris Larabeeís wounds, then surely they could
save J.D. They had to.


J.D slipped in and out of a fitful sleep for a better part of the hour. Buck was constantly at his
side when he did awake, offering him water and encouraging him to at least try and drink

"Itís time to go, " Nathanís soft voice, interrupted Buckís mental replay of the last year he had
spent hear in Four Corners with his friends.He wasn't ready to give that up. Hell, he probably
wouldn't ever be ready to give that up.

The gunman run a shaky hand over his face, "Sorry , Nathan. I didnít mean to drift off on you
like that."

The healer shook his head, "Iím surprised you didnít fall asleep as worn out as you look.. Do you
think we can get the kid over there, or should I go get one of the others?"

Buck shook his head, "I can carry him." Before Nathan could object, Wilmington had tucked the
blanket closer around J.D. and scooped him up as if he were as light as a feather. "Just get the

J.D. stirred slightly when the cool night air brushed against them upon entering the deserted
street. Buck held him a little closer and softly mumbled a reasurance as he quickly made their
way across town. .

**************the bath house**************

"Maybe you should sit down for a while," Chris eyed the bounty hunter. "Youíre looking a little

Vin dropped the last piece of ice he had been carrying onto the ground, letting in break into
smaller sections, which he tossed into the glacier-filled tub. "Iím fine," Vin said for at least the
tenth time since he and the others had been hauling the cold material. Even Ezra had started
watching him, with his piercing , unreadable stare. "Donít say it, I know I donít look fine, but
trust me, I am. Besides, you look worse than I do."

Chris had to laugh at that. Maybe he Ďwasí getting to be worse than Buck. Being the leader of the
Seven over the last year had changed something in him, made him more protective of the friends
he had come to think of as family. *Family*, thatís a word he thought heíd never use in reference
to himself again.

"So, Mr. Larabee, do you really anticipate this frosty soak to have the desired effect on our young
sheriff?" Ezra drawled, breaking the gunslinger from his reverie. There was a slight pitch in his
voice , Chris had never heard before. Could it be fear?

"I do."

"I will say a prayer that it does just that, " Josiah interjected, dumping his last load into the
freezing water. "Brother Dunne is much too young to leave our congregation at this time."

As if on cue, the door to the bathhouse swung open and Buck entered carrying the young man
they all worried for. Nathan soon joined them and closed the door. Vin and Chris quickly stepped
up to help Buck with his precious cargo, the three of them easing J.D. to the floor.

"Take off the blankets and his shirt," Chris instructed.

"He ainít going to like this," Buck breathed, noticing the creases of pain on his young friendís
brow as he was devulged of all warmth.

"Itís not going to be pleasant, Buck. But itís got to be done." Chris left no room for protest ,
knowing it was going to be hard for his friend to watch if J.D. had the same reaction as his young
brother had.

"Vin, get his legs." Larabee instructed, noticing the stressed look on the bounty hunterís face.
Giving a man something to do usually took his mind from worrying. "Buck and I will lift on this

With that the three hoisted the boy and brought him to the large tub of mostly ice and frigid
water, where they eased their young friend in up to his neck. J.D. jerked fiercely and nearly
slipped from Buckís grasp as his body registered the icy assault

"Hold him," Chris said through gritted teeth as his grip nearly failed also,nearly letting the
Sheriffís head go under.

"Buck?!" the young manís eyes fluttered open and he thrashed about some before his eyes fell on
the man he was searching for.

"Youíre Ok, kid. Just take it easy."

"Wh,..whatís goin on?" J.D. croaked , trying to focus in on the others.

"Weíve got to bring your fever down , son." Nathan spoke calmly , coming to kneel beside the
tub. " This may seem bad now, but youíll feel better soon."

"No!" J.D.ís teeth were chattering some now, and he struggled again to get out of the water. Vin,
who had stepped back after helping get the kid in , turned away. The water had stung his hands, it
had been so cold . He could only imagine what it would feel like to his friend.

"Buck," the kid begged. "Get me out of here , please..."

Wilmington squeezed his eyes shut a moment and Chris could tell his friend had loosened his
hold on the struggling boy some. "Come on, J.D., this water isnít even as cold as that stream you
conned old Buck into diving into last spring, remember?"

J.D. turned his head quickly as if registering Larabeeís presence for the first time. "You remeber
donít you , Ezra?" Chris continued in his usual , even tone. "We were all riding back from
Shilock and it was hotter than Hades."

"Ah yes," Ezra quickly picked up on the tactic. " I must say , Mr. Wilmington was none too
estatic when he disrobed on the spot and vaulted into the bubbling spring that you assured was
quite tepid."

Josiah laughed his hearty chuckle, "If I recall, Buck came out of there faster than he went in, and
nearly knocked his fool self out on the rocky bank."

"I didnít knock myself out , I told you I stepped on a sharp pebble and I donít recall it being half
as amusing as you all are remembering it to be." Buck looked down at the kid who was still
trembling something fierce but had stopped his struggles to get out of the bath.

Whether he had been comforted by his friendís banter or just became numb to the chilling
effects, Buck wasnít sure. But the eyes that met his didnít seem as frightend now.

"G gguess ...Iímm...getttinn. paiidd.. backk..,huh, Buckk?"

"Ten fold, kid." Buck reached up and pushed a strand of damp dark hair off the kidís face. "Ten


The others had gone now. They had left after an hour of watching and listening to their friend
battle the cold, trying their hardest to keep his mind from the situation at hand. Of course they
only went once the boy had been freed from his icy prison and moved back to Nathanís.

Ezra had went to bring the prisoner his supper , with promises to return and regail the patient
with tales of his many 'triumphant escapades'. Chris had finally persuaded Vin to leave long
enough to feed themselves and Josiah had gone with Nathan find some broth and extra clothes
for the kid.

It was Buck who held the boy while his limbs painfully began to get their feeling back and who
prayed the fever wouldnít reappear once the warmth was returned. It was Buck who had listened
to J.Dís painfilled ramblings and tried to comfort him. And it was Buck who now sat watching
the soundly sleeping form of his friend, who seemed to be losing the blue tinge he had secured
from the ice bath and appeared to be getting some of his natural color back.

"You know , kid, " Buck spoke softly. "I donít know much about matters of this sort. Ainít never
been much good at expressing my feelins and such, but you gave me quite a scare." The big man
sighed, as he watched the peaceful face. In sleep the kid looked even younger than his nineteen
years. It made Buck take a deep breath as he realized just how close that young life had come to
being cut short and just how close this annoying kid had came to his heart. He loved the boy and
that made him a little angry. "Damníit, J.D.," he mumbled resting his hand on the much cooler
forehead of his friend, "What have I taught you about finding trouble?"

Hazel eyes blinked open and Buck was favored with a small smile, "Everything I know."

Willmington was sure at that moment he had the goofiest grin possible plastered on his face.
"How ya feelin , kid?"

"Better than I was in that bath," J.D replied weakly. "Was that your idea or what?"

Buck laughed, "Nope, Chrisís."

"Payin me back for havin to ride all the way to Langston with you, huh?" the kidís eyes fluttered
shut, but a trace of the smile remained.

"If that were the case, I guess I better be keepin an eye out on oleíVin, cause heís probably got it
in for me."

J.D. forced his eyes open again, "Maybe, we should just stick to ridin together from now on ,

"Maybe," Buck smiled even wider. The kid was beginning to sound like his old self. "And
maybe, you should stop talking and get back to resting before we give Nathan cause to turn on

J.D. nodded and squirmed deeper into the covers. "Thanks, Buck , for everything." There was a
soft sigh and Wilmington finally felt he might get some rest for the first time in over a week.

"No, thank you, kid." He pulled the blanket higher around J.Dís arm and smiled. "Thank you."


The End

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